New CNC24 Measuring Center: Optimized logistics processes for more efficient goods throughput

CNC24 measuring center • High-quality measuring equipment • Efficient logistics • All measured variables • Made in Germany quality

CNC24 production halls ensure quality with measuring center capacity


CNC24, a leading company in the mechanical engineering sector, has embarked on an ambitious path of growth and improvement in quality management with the commissioning of its new measuring center.

This step is an important milestone in CNC24’s strategy to dominate the market through technological progress and improved services.

Our new measuring center at a glance.

  • Floor space with over 1,000 m²
  • Higher throughput due to improved flow of goods
  • Optimized logistics processes
  • 15 qualified employees in quality assurance
  • State-of-the-art testing and measuring equipment
  • ISO9001 certified measuring center

Address: City Dock Berlin Center, Marzahner Str. 21E, 13053 Berlin

Expansion of storage and measuring capacities

The new measuring center significantly expands CNC24’s storage and measuring capacities. With the move to a 1,200 square meter building in Alt-Hohenschönhausen, the company has increased its storage capacity tenfold.

This expansion is not only a quantitative leap, but also a qualitative one, enabling CNC24 to process larger orders with unprecedented efficiency.

Responding to rising demand with advanced technology

By integrating advanced technologies into the measuring center, CNC24 is able to meet the increasing demand in the engineering industry, and the center’s state-of-the-art equipment ensures that even the most intricate components are measured and stored with the highest precision, reflecting the company’s commitment to quality and excellence.

Simplified operating processes

Specialist taking precision measurements with a coordinate measuring machine in a workshop

Improved process efficiency through automation

Automation is at the heart of the new measuring center. This technological leap improves CNC24’s operational efficiency, shortens throughput times and increases productivity. Automated systems ensure that every process, from measurement to storage, runs smoothly.

Integration of state-of-the-art quality management systems

The measuring center is more than just a storage and measuring system, it is proof of CNC24’s commitment to quality. By integrating state-of-the-art quality management systems, the company ensures that every component meets the highest standards of precision and reliability.

Key accounts as a new target group

CNC24 production halls ensure quality with measuring center capacity

Meeting the requirements for servicing large orders

The significant increase in storage and measuring capacities has brought CNC24 into focus, especially for major customers. The measuring center is designed in particular for handling large orders, which makes the company a preferred partner for major projects in the mechanical engineering industry.

Building a reputation for handling complex projects

With the measuring center, CNC24 is not only expanding its capacities, but also consolidating its reputation as a competent partner for handling complex, large-volume projects. CNC24 is thus positioning itself as a leading manufacturing platform capable of meeting a wide range of customer requirements.

New standards in quality assurance

Biegen Metall
Close up upper move bending blade or punch and fix die of automatic and high precision cnc hydraulic press bending machine for metal sheet forming in industrial

Precision and accuracy in component manufacturing

The advanced measuring capabilities of the measuring center ensure unparalleled precision and accuracy in the production and quality assurance of components. This attention to detail is crucial in an industry where even the smallest deviations can have serious consequences.

Reduction of the complaint rate

The CNC24 quality promise is also reflected in a remarkable reduction in complaint rates. The improved capabilities of the measuring center play a decisive role in this and underline the company’s commitment to delivering flawless products.

Improved logistics and accessibility

Strategic location for optimized distribution

The strategic location of the measuring center in Alt-Hohenschönhausen optimizes CNC24’s distribution options. This increases the company’s logistical efficiency and ensures prompt and reliable delivery of components to customers.

Facilitation of large-volume deliveries

The new location of the measuring center not only offers more space, but also facilitates the delivery of large orders or oversized components – a decisive factor for the growing customer base, especially for major customers.

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Scalable infrastructure for future growth

Aerial view of the "City Dock Gewerbepark Berlin Zentrum" with focus on the expanded CNC24 measuring center

The CNC24 measuring center was built with an eye to the future. The scalable infrastructure enables CNC24 to adapt quickly to market requirements and new trends to ensure long-term growth and sustainability.

Room for the introduction of new services

The spacious premises and advanced technology of the measuring center offer CNC24 the opportunity to introduce new services and innovations and thus further improve its market position and range of services.

Sustainable management and environmental responsibility

Introduction of environmentally friendly operating procedures

CNC24 is aware of its responsibility towards the environment. The measuring center reflects this commitment by integrating sustainable operating procedures that minimize the ecological footprint.

Contributing to a more environmentally friendly manufacturing sector

With its efforts, CNC24 is not only making a significant contribution to making the manufacturing sector more environmentally friendly, but also the entire mechanical engineering industry.

Building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem

Promotion of cooperation and partnerships with industrial companies

The measurement center also serves as a hub for industry collaborations and partnerships, fostering a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem that benefits CNC24 and its stakeholders alike.

About CNC24

CNC24 Company

CNC24, a brand of CNC24 GmbH, is a digital B2B procurement platform through which individual precision components can be sourced transparently and efficiently, withmanufacturers from 22 countries producing the mechanical components individually according to customer specifications. The manufacturing processes of the leading online marketplace for mechanical engineering include turning, milling, sheet metal processing and additive manufacturing.

With its innovative platform solution, the technology company creates a transparent process for the procurement of production parts and digitalizes the value chain through to a fully automated procurement process.

The company’s successful positioning as a partner for SMEs in the field of digitalization and innovation was confirmed in 2023 when it was awarded the German Excellence Award in the „Digital Startup Champions“ category and the „Employer of the Future“ seal. Thanks to its global network of suppliers, the company can guarantee free capacity, high material availability and on-time delivery of components at all times.

For quality control, all parts undergo an additional inspection process in the in-house measuring center before they are delivered. CNC24 was founded in 2019 by co-founders Willi Ruopp and Marlon Gerat. The start-up serves all industrial sectors with a need for production parts – from special machinery and plant engineering to IOT and medical, testing and measurement technology.

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