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This is how quality management works at CNC24

Clearly defined processes

Quality management in CNC24 measuring center

CNC24 stands not only for attractive prices and timely delivery, but also for excellent quality in all components.

Our global network consists of over 500 manufacturers from 21 countries. In order to ensure consistent quality, we rely on a strict selection process for our manufacturers, a continuous evaluation of suppliers, as well as an additional quality control in our in-house measuring center.

Quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2015 in our own measurement center:
– Proof of inspection with every order
– Lowest rejection rate on the market

This guarantees quality like Made in Germany, regardless of the country of manufacture.

Double holds better

Quality control by manufacturer and CNC24

At CNC24 all orders are double checked. Our producers carry out regular quality control as part of the manufacturing process. In addition, we measure all components in our in-house measuring center in Berlin.

Double quality control ensures that you only receive components within the required tolerances.

What you can expect

Our quality promise!

ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management

Own measurement center at the Berlin site

Every order including free test certificate

Double quality assurance by suppliers and CNC24

Global production with German quality

Lowest rejection rate on the market

Consistently high quality with every order

9 out of 10 customers recommend CNC24

Guaranteed quality

Our measuring center: facts and figures

In our modern measuring center we perform quality control for all orders. Here we measure your components to ensure that all requirements regarding shape, fit, position and surface finish are met.

Only the most modern measuring equipment, the latest coordinate measuring machines and contour measuring devices are used. Thanks to efficient processes, components pass through our quality assurance in less than 24 hours.

Through our rigorous quality management, we achieve a complaint rate of less than 0.17% on all components.

Components with satisfaction guarantee

The CNC24 Quality Management Process


Production and control at the supplier


Measurement of the components in the CNC24 measuring center


Shipping of the released components

Do you need certificates

Do you need a measurement report or initial sample test report?

Our colleagues in the quality control department prepare a free test certificate for each order. On request, we can prepare additional measurement reports, material test certificates or initial sample test reports (ISTR).

Please let us know at the time of your inquiry if you need a special certificate or proof so that we can process your order without delays.

Proof of testing with every order

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