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Additional sales due to higher machine utilization

  • 100% pre-qualified requests
  • Free of charge for manufacturing partners
  • More orders and additional sales


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Technician in blue overalls standing in front of a CNC machine at a workshop
Expertise and Precision – Your Partnership with CNC24

Manufacturing partner

Your advantages at a glance

Qualified requests

As a CNC24 partner, you will receive 100% pre-qualified requests free of charge that exactly match your production equipment.

Higher utilization for your machines

Increase the utilization of your machines through additional orders. You will receive requests for prototypes, series production and framework contracts.

Partnership at eye level

With over 30 years of in-house production experience and numerous employees from your industry, we understand your requirements.

Reliable payment

Fast payout, fair terms, no defaults.

No distribution costs

CNC24 takes care of marketing and customer acquisition. Receive immediate requests from our customer base of over 1,000 businesses across all industries.

Receive requests free of charge

Cooperation with CNC24 is completely free of charge for you. We do not charge registration or contribution fees.

Prequalified requests

Suitable inquiries for your machinery

Never again handle requests that don’t fit your machines. You define which manufacturing processes you want to offer at CNC24 and specify how many requests you want to receive per week. CNC24 takes care of the pre-qualification of all requests. You only receive the exact requests that fit your machinery.

  • Receive pre-qualified requests free of charge
  • Increase your machine utilization
  • 100% digital transmission of the requests
  • You determine the number of requests per week

Digital order management

The CNC24 Supplier Portal

The CNC24 Supplier Portal is your cockpit for all orders. At a glance, you can see your open inquiries as well as the status of current orders. Here you can manage your free production capacities and set the number of requests you want.

  • All inquiries & orders at a glance
  • Performance feedback and complaints
  • Complaint management
  • Manufacturing process & capacity management

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Become part of the CNC24 supplier network and receive your first orders within a few days

One step ahead together

Detailed feedback

Maximum transparency for a cooperative partnership. We have developed our own point system, with which each order is analyzed and evaluated by clearly defined criteria regarding adherence to delivery dates, quality, communication.

Even if customers reject an offer, you can find out whether prices were too high or delivery times too long. This is how we make Manufacturing 4.0 a reality.

Reliable partner with good processes

In the supplier portal I see new requests every day. The system allows me to process requests very quickly and efficiently, so we can focus on producing the orders we win.

S. Zubić


„We can

set our own prices

CNC24 has become one of our most important customers in a very short time. Unlike other platforms, we can set our own prices and only receive orders that are profitable for us.

Jan S.


Additional orders without sales and marketing effort

With CNC24 I get additional orders without investing in marketing and sales activities. This way, I can also increase my machine utilization in the short term and achieve additional sales.

Jaroslaw D.

3D Path

What you need to bring with you:

What we expect from our partners

At CNC24, the focus is on the customer. Together with our partners, we want to make the production of precision parts as easy as ordering from Amazon. Here’s what you should bring with you:

  • Modern machinery with free capacities
  • Ideally ISO 9001 certification
  • Passion for products with quality
  • A motivated and qualified team
  • An excellent communication
  • Desire to digitally design the process from requests to invoice


The most important questions and answers

What is the cost of partnership with CNC24?

Cooperation with CNC24 is completely free of charge for you as a manufacturer.

You will receive additional orders without fees and long-term commitments.

What distinguishes CNC24 from other platforms?

CNC24 takes a partnership approach with its manufacturers. Together with our partners, we want to grow and become better and better. The following points distinguish us from competitors:

  • We offer fair conditions and fast payment.
  • We reduce administrative effort through digitization.
  • All partners are evaluated using our scoring model.
  • We give you feedback on prices, delivery times and quality with every offer.
  • You can buy tools and utilities at a discount through CNC24.
When do I start receiving orders from CNC24?

The cooperation with CNC24 takes place in three steps:

  1. You submit your contact information in the form below.
  2. We will send you a short questionnaire about your manufacturing skills.
  3. Activation for the supplier portal usually takes place within three days. From then on you will receive free requests via CNC24.

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