Express manufacturing in 72 hours

When time is of the essence

CNC Express manufacturing

When it needs to go particularly fast

Your production is threatened by machine failure and downtime? Are you struggling with delivery bottlenecks of other partners and suppliers or your own personnel worries? Need to accelerate a launch by surprise? You urgently need a certain component within hours?

Whatever it is: That’s exactly when our fast CNC professionals help you out of a tight spot with the Super Express Service. We will produce your CNC order within 72 hours at the earliest. After this delivery time, your components are ready for use in your or your customer’s yard.

Express production from 72 hours

Smooth process

We need the following information for Express manufacturing

Drawing as PDF and/or 3D Model

Desired quantity

Material and, if necessary, alternative materials

Additional surface treatment

Desired delivery time

Contact for queries throughout the production period

Delivery address for the components

Required test certificates

How the Express Service works


Make an inquiry

Inquiry by phone via +49 30 994 049 04


Release order

Confirm quote by mail and place order for production



Quality control and delivery on the agreed delivery date

Express Hotline: +49 30 994 049 04

How fast is it needed?

Express and Super Express manufacturing in comparison

We offer two different forms of Express Manufacturing. The Super Express delivers the components you need within 72 hours. The normal Express service takes a little longer and provides you with the parts within 6-12 business days.

We do not compromise on quality, material and batch sizes, even for Express service. We completely take care of the entire order processing from material procurement, costing, manufacturing and quality control to logistics.


Frequently asked questions about the Express Service

Which manufacturing processes are possible via Super Express?

In Express service we can offer you turning, milling and selected forms of sheet metal working.

Possible surface treatments in Super Express service?

We offer all surfaces also in Express service. Since additional surface treatment will extend the production time, we can tell you the exact delivery time only when we have your request including 3D model (CAD drawing) and manufacturing drawing (in PDF format).

Express service delivery times?

Our Express delivery times:

Express Service: 6-12 days

Super Express Service: from 72 hours

This is how our CNC Express manufacturing works
  • Do you have technical information, details and specifications for the component – preferably even a CAD model or at least a technical drawing in PDF format?
  • What quantity of Express manufacturing do you need?
  • What is the required delivery time? Is there wiggle room: minimum delivery time and maximum delivery time?
  • What material should we use to make the workpiece or components? Are alternative materials possible?
  • Are surface treatments desired in addition to CNC machining?
  • Can you name a contact or responsible person who is available to us at short notice for the entire production period of the Express manufacturing for possible inquiries?
  • Shall we deliver the Express parts collectively to one address in Germany after manufacturing? Or are there several locations to be supplied?
Our CNC Express manufacturing at a glance.

In case of emergency, many of our customers prefer the manufacturing processes of Express turning and Express milling. Also quite urgent Express sheet metal processing has tradition at CNC24. We are particularly fast due to our modern CNC machine tools, great expertise and powerful infrastructure.

The advantage of our Express turning is the proven combination of being able to produce a high number of pieces quickly in an emergency while ensuring excellent quality. We are also happy to quickly mill appropriate Express milled parts into shape from a block of material we have previously cut ourselves.

CNC24 has just about any clamping device or tool required for any production process. And we are also regularly commissioned with express surface techniques such as hardening, burnishing, anodizing, nitriding, grinding or galvanizing.

As subtractive as most of our manufacturing processes are, so additive is the customer benefit at CNC24. Our Express products create added value at the highest speed. We ensure that your project moves quickly and successfully from idea to implementation.

CNC machining of production parts at lightning speed

As a full-fledged manufacturing partner 4.0, CNC24 not only offers a highly automated machine park for its CNC production parts. Thanks to our lean and digital ordering and manufacturing processes, we are able to fulfill even very urgent Express production orders very reliably.

Our CNC manufacturing spectrum is particularly fast when it comes to turning, milling, edging, bending and punching. Problems are solved quickly, Express capacities are always available, set-up times are minimal and our customer service is fast.

We can always draw from our large reservoir of diverse machine tools, tools and multitools. In addition, we have various materials for production in stock. If not, our connection to competent material suppliers is short and resilient.

The procedure for Express milling is similar to that for Express turning. We have many years of know-how and great experience in milling components and workpieces quickly from a block of material that we have previously cut ourselves. Our efficient CNC milling machines with 3 or 5 axes allow up to 4 degrees of freedom for perfect 3D milling.

As subtractive as most of our manufacturing processes are, so additive is the customer benefit at CNC24. Our Express products create real added value at a fair price. Our CNC Express manufacturing ensures that your project moves quickly and successfully from idea to implementation. 1b solutions do not exist at CNC24.

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