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CNC Milling

Clearly defined processes

High precision machining services

Machining is the removal of material from a semi-finished product or preliminary product by cutting. Machining is used to produce a defined geometry, or to incorporate holes and recesses.

In addition to the basic implementation of a machining operation, the greatest challenge in this machining process is maintaining the specified tolerances.

Thanks to our modern and powerful machinery, we at CNC24 are able to implement customer specifications with particularly high precision and consistent quality.

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Other manufacturing processes

CNC Turning
CNC Milling
Sheet metal
Sheet metal
Laser cutting
Laser cutting
Injection molding
Injection molding
Die casting
Die casting
3D printing
3D printing

Material overview

Materials for machining

In principle, all solid materials can be machined. The results are defined by the settings of the machines and the cutting tools.

The following materials are the most widely used in machining technology:

  • Metal: steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals
  • Plastics

The machines we use can be used for numerous materials. This gives us maximum flexibility to handle your machining tasks.

At a glance

Machining processes at a glance

As a full-service provider, CNC24 offers you all non-cutting and cutting machining processes from a single source. The machining process includes the following processes:

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Clearly defined processes

Quality management in CNC24 measuring center

CNC24 stands not only for attractive prices and timely delivery, but also for excellent quality in all components.

Our global network consists of over 500 manufacturers from 21 countries. In order to ensure consistent quality, we rely on a strict selection process for our manufacturers, a continuous evaluation of suppliers, as well as an additional quality control in our in-house measuring center.

Quality assurance according to ISO 9001:2015 in our own measurement center:

  • Proof of inspection with every order
  • Lowest rejection rate on the market

This guarantees quality like Made in Germany, regardless of the country of manufacture.

CNC24 Measurement Hub

Our new measuring centre in Berlin at a glance.

  • Over 1,000 m² of floor space
  • Increased throughput due to improved flow of goods
  • Optimised logistics processes
  • 15 qualified quality assurance staff
  • State of the art testing and measuring equipment
  • ISO9001 certified measuring centre

Get a quote for your parts

We will send you a suitable offer within 48 hours

One to one introductory meeting

Book a 15-minute meeting with our experts now.

Find out how CNC24 can support you in component procurement.

  • Inquire about your sourcing challenge
  • Compare your component requirements with our range of services
  • Quality management at CNC24
  • Order security

9 out of 10 customers recommend CNC24

„Key partner for scaling“

As a start-up, lean processes and high scalability are important to us.

By working with CNC24 we can source components with consistent quality, great flexibility and in varying quantities.

Tim J.


„Strong expertise for our fire-fighting drone”

Throughout our collaboration we have been impressed by CNC24’s manufacturing expertise.
With CNC24’s feedback we were able to optimise the components and make significant cost savings. As a start-up, we don’t have our own measuring centre, so the additional quality assurance provided by CNC24 was very important to us.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erik G.


“The right partner for our growth”

At a time of internal personnel changes, we are particularly reliant on a partner who can support us with expertise and high quality standards. We are incredibly grateful to have found such a partner in CNC24. This allows us to concentrate on our own development and assembly.

Henning M.

Grip Factory Munich

Guaranteed quality

The best suppliers for guaranteed quality

Only suppliers who meet our high quality requirements,
are allowed to join our network as partners. In addition, we test each component in our own ISO9001 certified measurement center. So quality is guaranteed.

  • Over 500 quality-tested suppliers
  • Quality control in our own measuring center (ISO9001)
  • Inspection protocol with each delivery
  • Suppliers from Germany, Europe and Asia
Technician in blue overalls standing in front of a CNC machine at a workshop

Planning reliability for your components

Stable purchasing conditions per framework agreement

Do you want to secure long-term purchasing conditions for your components? With a framework agreement, you protect yourself against rising material costs and supplier failures. Even when things have to move quickly, we ensure compliance with your purchasing processes and ensure lean procurement processes.

In our global network, we always find the best supplier for your components. Secure the best conditions for your components of tomorrow today.

How we protect your data

Security at CNC24

The security of your data is a priority. We have created a secure system with end-to-end encryption (AES-256) and strict access restrictions. Your data will be stored on servers in Germany and transmitted to our partners exclusively anonymized.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

IP Protections is important to us. All partners are subject to strict non-disclosure agreements (NDA) to protect your intellectual property and keep your purchasing terms confidential.

Secure data transmission

Your data is transferred end-to-end encrypted to our servers in Germany. You alone decide whether data remains on our servers after production.

Anonymized production drawings

We remove any information about you or your company on all documents before we share them with our partners for production.

Online CNC machining service FAQs

Discover quick answers on CNC Machining questions.

How does CNC24 ensure the quality of parts from its global network of over 500 audited suppliers?

CNC24 ensures the quality of parts by working with over 500 audited suppliers who are required to meet high standards. Suppliers go through a rigorous selection process that includes an evaluation of their production capabilities, adherence to quality standards such as ISO 9001 certification, and their ability to deliver consistent quality. CNC24’s platform allows for transparent customer feedback and quality control measures to ensure that only suppliers that consistently meet these high standards remain in the network.

Are there any minimum or maximum sizes for parts that can be produce?

In general, the size limitation depends on the capacity of the machine, with modern CNC machines capable of milling very small to large parts. For exact size limitations, it’s advisable to consult with CNC24.

What specific file formats are supported for uploading CAD designs for components?

CNC24 supports all the most common industry formats including ST, STEP, STP, DWG and DXF as well as 3D data, PDF, ZIP, XLS, CSV. Please contact us for specific information.

Can CNC24 handle special design requirements or complex geometries beyond the standard specifications listed?

CNC24 is equipped to handle special design requirements and complex geometries. The platform’s technology, including advanced CAD file analysis and AI-driven tools, allows for the evaluation of complex designs and the identification of suitable manufacturing processes. Suppliers in the CNC24 network have diverse capabilities, including advanced machining and fabrication technologies, enabling them to meet a wide range of custom specifications and intricate design challenges.

What are the specific advantages of using certain materials such as Inconel or ceramics for CNC turned parts?

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using materials such as Inconel or ceramics for CNC turned parts. Inconel is known for its excellent strength at high temperatures, making it ideal for aerospace and automotive applications. However, it is also difficult to machine, requiring specialized tools and processes that can increase costs. Ceramics offer high hardness and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for medical devices and electrical insulators. However, their brittleness requires careful handling and machining, which can limit design options and increase manufacturing complexity.

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