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The production of a haptic functional sample usually precedes series production. We at CNC24 not only supplied you with all the necessary components for the production of a prototype. With our new „Rapid Prototyping“ service, we can also produce complete pre-assembled assemblies for you.


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Simulations can do a lot, but they cannot do everything. Even the perfect, photo-realistically rendered 3-D animation cannot replace the haptic feeling. Only when you hold the close-to-production prototype in your hand will you know whether you have achieved the goal of your product development. Until now, prototyping has been a decidedly costly affair. Each component had to be elaborately turned, milled, sawed, reworked and then assembled. With the additive processes available today, this is not only much faster. It is also significantly cheaper than the traditional method. The term „rapid prototyping“ refers to a fascinating technology for the efficient production of preliminary products. We at CNC24 have also recognized this and are therefore expanding our range of services for you with „rapid prototyping“.

Rapid prototyping – a new approach for preliminary products

The main difference between rapid prototyping and conventional prototyping is its manufacturing method: Instead of removing, separating or machining, 3D printing is the standard in rapid prototyping. 3D printing is one of the „additive manufacturing processes“. In these manufacturing methods, a component is built up layer by layer from a thermally softened material. When it cools, the previously plastic material becomes solid, giving rise to the desired product. The material is fed via a coordinate-controlled nozzle.

Basically, there is already a suitable 3D printer for practically every material today. In prototyping, low-cost plastic printers have been the most commonly used production machines to date. The tool-free process of rapid prototyping requires only a digital model. This can be produced via design software. Alternatively, we can scan an existing product and then 3D print it.

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Rapid prototyping in prototyping

3D printing from the final product delivers the part directly from the machine, which can be immediately experienced haptically. Depending on the customer’s requirements, post-processing may still be necessary. Here, the conventional grinding and coating processes are used again. The disadvantage of direct printing is the limited choice of materials. Metallic 3D printing is still very expensive, which is why prototypes are usually made in plastic. In addition, 3D printing is always a rather slow process. For small batches of metal products, additive manufacturing of casting cores is therefore an alternative to direct printing.

3D printing of casting cores enables prototypers to produce metallic precursors using the hot-box or cold-box process. The additively produced casting cores can be used multiple times, so you can already produce pilot series with this approach.

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Advantages of modern prototyping

Prototyping is the last step in product development before series production starts. With the pre-product in hand, you can still carry out final measures to optimize the series product and adjust production. Inexpensive „rapid prototyping“ processes also make the production of a prototype particularly efficient. With this approach, changes to the design are no longer associated with high costs and can be implemented in a very short time.

Prototype construction from CNC24

We at CNC24 are ready with our entire machine park to provide you with your desired prototypes. Our equipment is specialized in CNC prototyping. We also have the latest 3D printing technologies available. What we don’t have in-house, our hand-picked and reliable manufacturing partners are ready to provide. Call us or use our online form. We discuss with you the way to your perfect prototype.

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